22 September 2010

Maxis remove iPhone 4 plans. Price subject to change?

In a surprise move, Maxis has removed its iPhone plans and pricing from its website.

Is Maxis adjusting its iPhone 4 plans to counter a better offer from DiGi? With still 2 days to launch, anything is possible. However we felt that Maxis is getting a little fickle minded these days with its show and disappear act on the iPhone 4.

Pricing is obviously sensitive information and if they are not confident of launching it first, revealing them officially days before the launch would definitely catch its competitors attention. Some are speculating that DiGi could beat Maxis to the launch by several hours. Maxis could be waiting to see DiGi’s offer first before they reveal their actual launch plans.

So would the iPhone 4 be cheaper than its earlier published price? It is possible but we’re not expecting them to reduce the iPhone price any further. Perhaps more calls and data quota for their iValue Plans?
You can still view the Maxis iPhone 4 plans here.



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