31 January 2011

Dead Space v1.0.1 iPhone iPod Touch iPad-iOSPDA

Play Dead Space 2 on your iPhone. iPad. Ipod touch, and enjoy in great graphics and off course have fun…
Description:AN ALL-NEW DEAD SPACE STORY – EXCLUSIVELY FOR iOS. Immerse yourself in events that set the stage for the action-horror storyline of Dead Space™ 2. Featuring a hardcore game experience and a rich audio environment specifically designed for your iPhone® & iPod touch®, this is an original vision of the acclaimed franchise and a true landmark

Three years have passed since the destruction of the Marker in the first Dead Space story. Now, experience first-hand the events that unleash the Necromorph hordes once again. You’ll find yourself on a mission of uncertain purpose in the Mines of Titan. Soon, however, the truth of your situation will become grotesquely clear…

Release name: Dead.Space.v1.0.1.iPhone.iPod.Touch.iPad-iOSPDA
Size: 282.74 MB

24 January 2011

Smule Glee Karaoke v2.2.1 iPad iPhone iPod Touch-Lz0PDA

Enjoy singing on your favorite song and have fun with this global karaoke application for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.. :D

Description: The #1 music app in 21 countries, Glee Karaoke makes you sound like a star. Sing your heart out to songs from the hit TV show while a little magic helps you sound amazing.

Release name:Smule.Glee.Karaoke.v2.2.1.iPad.iPhone.iPod.Touch-Lz0PDA
Size: 14.93 MB
Links: Homepage, NFO, NTi

19 January 2011

White iPhone 4 is Coming. 27 February.

Best Buy's internal inventory system is now listing the white iPhone 4 with a February 27th launch date, according to MacRumors.

We've received information today from a source sharing the above screenshot claimed to be from a Best Buy inventory database showing both 16 GB and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models listed with expected in-stock dates of February 27th. The SKU and model numbers associated with the entries are identical to those previously used by Best Buy when it was taking pre-orders for the white iPhone 4 prior to last summer's launch, pre-orders that were canceled when Apple delayed availability of the white versions.

The white iPhone 4 was also recently discovered in the inventory system of Vodafone Germany.

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13 January 2011

Garmin StreetPilot v6.5.2 iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPad Wifi 3G-iOSPDA

It may be a little late to the party, but as they say better late than never, and the same can now be said for Garmin, and the company has now released their StreetPilot GPS application for the iPhone, but whether Garmin’s new iPhone app can pull users from the likes of TomTom and Navigon is another matter.
Download Garmin StreetPilot® and get Garmin® award-winning navigation, similar to the premium features on Garmin’s renowned nĂ¼vi® personal navigators. Designed exclusively for your iPhone® or iPad®, this application turns your device into a GPS navigator with turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions and premium features for wherever you want to go.
  • Always up-to-date maps for the U.S. and Canada
  • Voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions including street names
  • Real-time traffic updates to avoid traffic delays
  • Speed limits for most major roads
  • Integrated Local Search
  • Millions of points of interest
  • Lane assist with junction view for complicated interchanges
  • Address book integration to navigate to contacts
  • Integrated iPod® music controls
  • Multi-tasking on iOS4 for navigating while calling
  • Current weather conditions and forecast
  • Place calls directly from search listing
  • Navigate in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Easy to install with quick load times
Release name: Garmin.StreetPilot.v6.5.2.iPhone.3G.iPhone.3GS.iPhone.4.iPad.Wifi.3G-iOSPDA

08 January 2011

iPad 2 Launch in 3-4 Weeks, Possibly February 1st.

On his blog today, Kevin Rose claimed on good authority that Apple’s second generation iPad will debut in “3-4 weeks” and will feature a Retina Display in addition to dual cameras. An iPad 2 announcement within a month would not fit Apple’s typical yearly product cycle (for devices of iPad’s class: iPhone, iPod etc.) as the first iPad went on sale early April 2010. The iPad 2 also having a Retina Display seems unlikely as the term “Retina” (in Apple’s case) means the doubling of pixels.
I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next “3-4 weeks”, possibly Tuesday February 1st. The iPad 2 will feature a retina display and front/back cameras.
Apple doubling the pixels of the current iPad (1024 x 768) would make the iPad 2 have a screen of a 2048 x 1536 resolution. That resolution seems way too high for Apple to put in a 9.7 inch display while keeping costs down. A higher resolution display does make sense though, and this could be what Rose is referring to. Of course we have heard many rumors about the next iPad including two cameras including some evidence from case leaks and physical iPad 2 mockups.

07 January 2011

iPad 2 Mockup Pics

05 January 2011

iPhone 4 Skateboard Grip Tape Decal

iPhone 4 skateboard 21 iPhone 4 Skateboard Grip Tape Decal
SlickWraps has a $20 skateboard-inspired adhesive wrap for the iPhone 4 that’s complete with scratchy skateboard griptape on the back, faux woodgrain on the front and sides. All of the necessary cutouts are there, including one for the Apple logo in the back.
Take a further look at the skateboard iPhone 4 decal after the jump…
iPhone 4 skateboard 11 iPhone 4 Skateboard Grip Tape Decal
iPhone 4 skateboard 211 iPhone 4 Skateboard Grip Tape Decal

iPhone 4 skateboard 31 iPhone 4 Skateboard Grip Tape Decal

iPhone 4 skateboard 51 iPhone 4 Skateboard Grip Tape Decal
And for all you skate heads out there, Marsha and Haley will show you how to put together a skateboard…

03 January 2011

Disney TRON Legacy v1.0 iPad iPhone iPod Touch-Lz0PDA

Disney’s TRON: Legacy for iPhone exists inside the Grid, but does not retell the story of the new movie. Instead, it’s a series of races and shooting galleries based on vehicles from the re-imagined TRON universe. You race light cycles along ribbons of energy and man the cannon on a frightening Recognizer as it swoops over the outer rings of the Grid. TRON: Legacy doesn’t necessarily require a narrative thread to connect these events, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt because as it is, you’re just a nameless face on the Grid, which offers little inspiration to keep going.

Welcome to TRON City, Program. Race high velocity 3D Light Cycles. Blast targets with the awesome power of a Recognizer. Your objective is not merely survival, it’s glory.
TRON: Legacy unfolds as a series of competitions through 24 rounds. You will race the latest generation of 3D Light Cycles and fire cannons from the cockpit of the massive Recognizers. Score points to qualify for new contests and unlock new arenas.
    Compete in standard races or time trials to qualify for the new challenges. Tilt to steer, touch to accelerate and brake. Use your Light Ribbon to block opponents and knock them off course. Deploy power ups like Shield Breaker, Arc and Cloak to gain an advantage. Tap for turbo boost.
    Choose from 16 different tracks and compete head-to-head in Light Cycle races.
    Command an enormous Recognizer and patrol the GRID. Aim the cannon by tilting to move the targeting reticle. Tap to fire. Destroy object but be careful not to overheat.
    TRON comes to life with eye-popping graphics developed to maximize Retina Displays.
Release name: Disney.TRON.Legacy.v1.0.iPad.iPhone.iPod.Touch-Lz0PDA
Size: 163MB
Links: iTunesNFO