22 March 2011

Next-gen iPhone parts reveal iPhone 4-like design

We are hearing from our connections with sources at Foxconn that the next-generation iPhone will include an iPhone 4-like design, and now we have some more information: parts.
Replace Base helped us get our hands on the dock connector and headphone jack flex. While these parts don’t look all to interesting to the normal eye, we had our friends at the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop take a look at these parts to basically confirm a few things.
First is that, indicative of these parts, the fifth-generation iPhone will have color options: black or white. This isn’t all too surprising – seeing we’re seeing a white iPhone 4 soon – but it’s still worth mentioning for fans of white devices.

Next is the iPhone home button. Some rumors from earlier this year pointed to future iPhones lacking physical home buttons. The dock connector for the iPhone 5 seems to refute all that as the home button connector is present on the piece.

Next is the headphone jack flex: It’s redesigned. Although the redesign of an internal part that the consumer will never see does not seem exciting, the engineering aspect of it certainly does. The connection piece to the iPhone’s motherboard usually sits at the top of the cable but on the next iPhone, it sits on the middle of the cable.

Apple moving the headphone jack flex motherboard connector elsewhere could mean that Apple might be making room for something new in the device. Our speculation ranges from a beefier processor, more storage, a bigger battery, a better camera, a 4G chip, a Gobi CDMA/GSM chip, to NFC. At this point there is no way to tell.
What we do know is..

that the fifth-generation iPhone’s size and shape will be similar – if not exactly same in size – to the iPhone 4 since the parts are the same size. That doesn’t mean Apple won’t pack in a bigger screen (external), an A5 processor, more RAM, and a metal back plate.

14 March 2011

iOS 4.3 Untethered Jailbreak To Drop “Before The Next Weekend”

iPhone security expert and hacker Stefan Esser has now provided an ETA for his untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 4.3. According to the updated YouTube description of his video, he is going to release it as soon as next week.
iOS 4.3
iOS 4.3 Cydia
Good morning.
This video demonstrates my iPad 1 running untethered jailbroken iOS 4.3
The jailbreak uses a *UNDISCLOSED* exploit in the iOS Kernel. Installation is similar to previous iOS versions which means you require a bootrom exploit (or something else) to install it in the root partition.
Because there is no public bootrom exploit for the iPad 2 at the moment it will not work for now.
However the jailbreak can be made compatible with all devices that are vulnerable to the limer4in exploit and that are supported by iOS 4.3
Because of several changes in iOS 4.3 in comparison to iOS 4.2.1 the jailbreak is NOT READY yet. That is what the *ALPHA* means. I need some time to check what kernel patches are actually required to work 100%ly.
However I recommend the dev-team or chronic-dev to first release a *tethered* iOS 4.3 so that everyone can test if their nice feature actually work. I guess most people require Mobile Substrate to work and AFAIK it does not work due to ASLR. It would be a waste if Apple kills an untethered jailbreak before Mobile Substrate works.
That said I will release the jailbreak when a) there is no other untether by the time I am finished b) if MobileSubstrate works.
Any report that I wait for iOS 4.3.1 is just a misinterpretation of my words.
I merely think that Apple should release a iOS 4.3.1 soon, because it is in their interest to not wait for several months when everyone knows that there is a remote exploit in MobileSafari that might have leaked during the #PWN2OWN contest.
Check back in the next days for more information about when and where you can get it.
Because so many people are asking for an ETA:
I am pretty sure that the untether will be released before the next weekend. I was using older kernel patches that caused lagging on the jailbroken device. I will change that and then port it to the other devices and release.

As always, we will keep you updated ! Stay tuned for more!

13 March 2011

iPad 2 shipment time jumps to 3-4 weeks at Apple’s online store

The Apple online store opened yesterday with 3-4 day shipping times then it turned to 5-7 days and then to a whole 2-3 weeks. Now the Apple store is quoting 3 weeks to a month before you get your iPad 2. That’s only the time until the shipment happens, you can add a few days to a week before the magical tablet actually drops at your door step.

Apple is yet to report how many iPad 2s they sold on launch day but this 3-4 week shipment time also has to do with some apparent shortages. Yesterday, many customers reported shortages of certain iPad 2 models at Apple retail stores and third party resellers. Analysts are expecting Apple to cross the 600,000 sales mark for iPad 2s this launch weekend.

05 March 2011

RUMOUR: DiGi to announce something on 8th March?

We got tipped by @jonrulezz with an image that shows an expectant person with 2 apples inside.

So what can it be? First thing on top of our minds is the iPad 2. Launching it on 8th March is impossible as Apple is only releasing it on 11th March 2011. If it is indeed the iPad 2, it might be an announcement that they are bringing in the iPad 2 for bundling in Malaysia which normally includes the typical Registration of Interest exercise.

Another possibility is that DiGi is doing another promo for the iPhone 4. Special price for 2 units of iPhone 4?

It might be considering DiGi had similar teaser for iPhone 4 launch last September. That time they used 4 apples to represent iPhone 4.

Could it be a hoax altogether? Your guess is as good as ours.

[ SOURCE ] [SoyaCincau]

iPad vs iPad2

04 March 2011

Bought an iPad in the last 2 weeks? Apple will refund the price drop.

Electric Pig and other sources have confirmed to us that Apple is giving back the $100 price difference between prices last week and today on recently purchased iPads.  In the US, Apple dropped prices at least $100 so it is a healthy chunk of change.   The window is 14 days or February 16th (or thereabouts).
Also, as of yesterday, Apple has new significantly lower prices on refurbished iPads, below: