23 September 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 launched

DiGi has launched the iPhone 4 in Malaysia at Quill BMW showroom. Yes, we know it is rare to have a telco event in an automobile showroom. DiGi is first to “launch” in terms of event but their sales only starts at 10AM tomorrow at 45 DiGi outlets nationwide. This makes Maxis, the first to reach its customers at 12:00AM sharp.

Pricing wise, it is the same as the earlier revealed pricing, but they have reduced it to a further RM5/month if you subscribe for auto billing. You can check out their latest plan here.

Let us run through the extra points that we’ve discovered at the launch.

iPhone 4 Carnival at Quill 9
DiGi is throwing a carnival at Quill 9 BMW Showroom, Section 14, Petaling Jaya over this weekend. Exclusively at this event, they are giving an extra RM100 off for trade in of any phone in ANY Condition. So if you have an old brick phone from 5 over years back, this might come in handy. Of course, if you’re looking to trade-in your iPhone 3G/3GS, Maxis would have a better arrangement as posted here.

Subscribers that port in (MNP) from other telcos, will get exclusive offers including RM100 extra discount during the event and we’re told that they can get it on the spot! However, you can only pick either this or the old mobile trade-in RM100 offer. So no RM200 off if you port in and bring an old mobile.

Offer for existing customer
For DiGi priority customers, which is a reward program for high spending customers, they are giving RM100 off for customers that sign up from 24th September until 3rd October.

If you’re an existing iDiGi customer with an iPhone 3GS, you can get the iPhone 4 with no strings attached at RM300 off, no trade-in required or extensions to your current iDiGi contract. However this is only applicable for those who signed up before today and this is only available from 1st November onwards. So if you wish to take this offer, you gotta wait for more than a month.

That’s all we have for now. For more details, head to DiGi’s iPhone 4 page. Their official pricing is finally up.


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