09 September 2010

iOS 4.1 Now Live : Do Not Update!

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Paul put out a warning today that was advised from the Dev Team, to steer clear of the iOS 4.1 release, which is now currently being pushed live from Apple. That's right, it is now LIVE, and you are strongly advised NOT to update.

Again, this is NOT a big update, however Game Center is an new feature we are all looking forward to it, at least for those with supporting devices, and of course included in the update is the long overdue proximity sensor fix. All in all, it's not quite worth it to lose all the fancy goodies we currently get with out 4.0 jailbreak/unlock.

So, If your Jailbroken and require an unlock, again, Please stay away from this. But if you have no desire for either, feel free to update and post your comments below. Good Luck


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