03 October 2010

Good News : Jailbreak Will Be Release In a Few Days!!!

 Pretty good news for all! GreenPois0n jailbreak for all devices on iOS 4.1 will be released really soon in the next few days (probably less than a week). Ok, pod2g, the well know iPhone hacker behind SHAtter exploit to pwn all devices forever has replied someone who is asking about release date. The answer was cool to everyone!

Thomas Lohner asks @pod2g about the release date:
the release date be count by days or week ?
@pod2g replied:
I would say days.
Another thing you have missed which confirms it's really soon. Chronic dev team member p0sixninja, the hacker behind GreenPois0n payload has just posted back SHAtter exploit on the iPhone wiki and saying The SHAtter Story Begins..
Stay tuned for Downloads and Guides


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