16 October 2009

Hidden Your Photo, Video on iPhone!

Video Safe -No#1 for Video & Photo Privacy. collect3 Category: Utilities Price: $3.99 Released: Sep 14, 2009 Size: 3.4 MB Seller: David Fumberger Added to Mar 30, 2009 Latest version: 1.4

Application description VIDEO SAFE for iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch.

From the Developers of the official 'Boxee Remote' & 'Picture Safe' the No.1 Privacy App on iTunes. As featured on IGN, MacNN, iPodNN, Electronista, PCWorld Australia, and as listed in the all-time 'App Classics' Hall of Fame.

The #1 Video Utility in 30+ countries for 7 months straight!

Collect3 is pleased to introduce VIDEO SAFE. Everything people love about Picture Safe but with added support for all your VIDEOS and MOVIES !!

No need to worry about people accidently stumbling across your 'special' movies any more ;)

VIDEO SAFE v1.4 just out! Contains exciting new features including SUPPORT FOR VIDEOS SHOT WITH 3GS, USB wifi and Bluetooth Import!!,and Hi-Definition photo's allowing viewing of images up to 2500 x 2500. *A free update for existing users.

Video Features:
+ Creates a safe password protected storage area for all your movies and videos (including those shot with the 3GS).
+ WEB CONNECTIVITY! Log-in via your browser/FTP on a desktop PC/Mac and transfer videos to and from the iPhone WIRELESSLY with ease! (wifi required).
+ USB Direct File Transfer.
+ No additional software required all done easily and securely via the browser.
+ Works just like the standard Apple Video App AND Introduces folders to let you group videos by subject matter, name, etc.
+ Support for all video files converted for use on the iPhone. Usually Quicktime compatible files ending in .Mov, .MP4, .M4v *For other formats provided you can do so legally there are a variety of tools freely available to enable you to convert your videos to play on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
+ Includes ability to pause, resume, fforward and rewind, with icon for played/unplayed.
+ Snoop Stopper - For those curious about the cool new app on your device, entering the wrong password takes them to a collection of safe images of your choosing.
+ Lets you create Thumbnails for movies.

++ PLUS you get all the goodness that is the No#1 Best-selling Privacy App "Picture Safe". A 2 for 1 deal that no other App comes close to matching!

Photo Features:
+ Creates a Password Protected storage area for ANY image from your Camera, Photo Album, or the Net.
+ Wireless import/export and viewing on Mac/PC.
+ Familiar Interface - Just like the inbuilt Photo Application but with the addition of security.
+ Finally create folders for better organising of images!
+ Slideshow with adjustable settings.
+ Multitouch Control - Zoom, Swipe, Rotate.
+ Unique 'Snoop-Stopper' takes prying eyes to a dummy app with 'safe' images.
+ Quick Hide - With a double Tap action you can quickly replace the onscreen display with a fake spreadsheet or 'safe' image of your choosing.
+ FULL Resolution export to PC/Mac (not low res like native photo app), and Email support.
+Password Reminder.


*Still not convinced?:
See the 'TapCritic' Video Review:
Also 'Picture Safe' -privacy and wifi for pics (not movies).

Note1: Developers cannot move/delete movies stored in the standard video app (please don't request it or demand in reviews. It is not up to us!). The good news is if you wish these files to be secure, you can use Video Safe to import these files directly from your PC/Mac via wifi.

If you have any questions -or heaven forbid issues- please don't hesitate to email us at and let us know. We never get out and enjoy the contact :)

Finally, while we read every review on iTunes we can't directly reply to them so please before you comment visit our Instructions with Help Videos and Forums at (a one star review isn't a way to request New Features ;)

Your Servants, Collect3.
New in this version New Features
- Support for High Resolution Images to 2500 x 2500
- USB transfer !!
- Help tutorials
- Full copy and paste support
- Bluetooth transfer (not available on Gen1 iPhone / Touch)
- Email

We are delighted that this version was finally approved and excited to bring you these unique new features, particularly USB transfer which will make video management so much easier.

Please please take a moment and update or write an itunes review as it makes all the difference in our ability to continue to bring free updates to you all.

Thanks and stay 'safe'.
Languages English
Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later


Version 1.4



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