02 May 2011

How to fix a slow or buggy iPhone or iPad

iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad moving at a slow crawl or just feels laggy and buggy and trying to figure out how to get it back up to speed? There are few things that you can do try. Stay with us after the break to find out how to help your iPhone out.

  1. KIll recent apps in your Fast App Switcher. There might be a rogue process eating up memory.
  2. Restart your iPhone (soft or hard reset).
  3. Delete and re-install any apps that repeatedly give you problems.
  4. If you’re jailbroken and have a ton of tweaks running, try removing them and re-adding them one at a time and see if that helps identify any problems.
  5. Update your iPhone to the latest firmware. (Unless you have an iPhone 3G, in which case you might want to stick with iOS 3.1.3)
  6. Restore your iPhone as new. This is a last resort — you will have to reinstall everything on your iPhone after you do this. However, it can sometimes solve problems nothing else can, especially if you previously restored from a buggy or corrupt backup image.
If you have any other ideas on how to deal with a frozen or buggy iPhone, iPad or iPod, let me know in comments!


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