19 February 2011

New MacBook Pros – Thursday, February 24th

Following the reports from this morning claiming that Apple will be launching an update to the MacBook Pro line late next week, MacRumors has independently confirmed that this update will occur on Thursday, February 24th. Get your plastic cards ready!

Rumor roundup:

-New MacBook Pros will feature faster, Intel Sandy Bridge processors

-New MacBook Pros will look and feel like Apple’s latest MacBook Air line

-New MacBook Pros will feature moderate design changes

-New MacBook Pros will be built with liquid metal, include longer lasting batteries

-New MacBook Pros will be lighter, thinner, cheaper, faster, have bigger batteries

Of course there is also the notion that Apple will bring the design and style from their latest MacBook Airs to the new MacBook Pros. Apple is calling the latest MacBook Air line the “next generation of MacBooks,” so it makes sense that the new Pros will follow the trend.

Apple’s “next generation of notebooks” have fast solid-state storage drives (flash storage) placed right on the motherboard, higher-resolution displays, bigger batteries, thinner and lighter designs, faster graphics, more connectivity options, and speedy processors.


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