07 November 2010

Glu Jump OClock v1.0.3 iPhone iPod Touch-Lz0PDA

Here is an addictive iPhone game for you guys ‘Glu Jump OClock’ by Lz0PDA.

Description: Playing Jump O’ Clock can lead to severely extended sessions of gameplay! Take control of the lovable steampunk robot LE0 and jump from gear to gear while avoiding hazards in an endless upward world. Collect bolts to fill your SUPER-JUMP METER, and BOOST the height of your jumps. Timing is crucial to keep from winding up on the wrong side of the razor-sharp teeth, scalding steam, electrified wires or broken pipes. Connect to OpenFeint and compete for the dizzying heights of high-score greatness. If you’ve got time, Jump O’ Clock has your challenge

Release Name: Glu.Jump.OClock.v1.0.3.iPhone.iPod.Touch-Lz0PDA
Size: 13.84 MB

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