15 June 2010

Why you need a ‘32GB’ iPhone 4 this time round

The iPhone 4 was already a ‘runaway’ hit this month – notwithstanding the fact that it is not available to the public yet. Steve Jobs did a great job unveiling the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010 as well as giving a preview of the different technological features inherent in the all-new device.

Well, after all the hoopla has died down, then only it dawns on you that there is no 64GB capacity variant for the iPhone 4 this year. “OMG!” you said, “…what gives?”

The iPhone 4 is coming to you soon in variants of 16GB & 32GB. Exactly the same for the iPhone 3GS last year. There’s no 64GB, and new & current iPhone users would want to note the following:

How much storage you will need on an iPhone 4
For Photos
The iPhone 3GS took photos at 3MP. Each photo took about 1.3MB. The new iPhone 4 takes photos at 5MP which will increase the size to about 2.7MB per photo.
For Videos
The iPhone 3GS records 640×480 video at 30 frames per second. Using a compression ration of 40:1, it is estimated that 250 mins of iPhone 3GS video recording took 9.66 GB of space.
Using a recording resolution of 960×720 at 30 frames per second, the iPhone 4 will use 21.73 GB for 250 mins of video.
Therefore, if you plan on taking a lot of video, you should definitely purchase the 32GB iPhone 4.

From what we gather above, if you’re new to iPhone, the 16GB would suffice. Present users of a 16GB iPhone 3GS/3G would surely benefit from upgrading to a 32GB iPhone 4. As for users on a 32GB iPhone 3GS, well … looks like you have no available option of a capacity upgrade right now but to just go for the 32GB iPhone 4.


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