15 February 2010

Ridge Racer Accelerated

Ridge Racer Accelerated v1.0.2 iPhone iPod Touch-MSMPDA

RIDGE RACER, the top-class racing series that since its 1993 arcade debut has set the standard for simple-yet-exhilarating drift-racing! Now the latest and greatest title in the series, RIDGE RACER ACCELERATED, is coming to your iPhone/iPod touch!

Initial Release Version Features:
* Best-of-genre drift-racing controls.
* 2 thrilling courses from the RIDGE RACER series.
( Unlockable Reverse Play )
* 2 playable machine classes (6 unlocked 12 unlockable cars)
* ONLINE Shop: 1 machine class and 1 course pack.

Courses and machines will be rapidly added via FREE-UPGRADE throughout 2010.

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