11 September 2009

iTunes 9 Home Sharing and iPhone app management

Sure, sure, the kids are all excited about iTunes LP and their fancy "lyrics" and "album art." You know what we're psyched about? Finally being able to manage our iPhone apps directly from iTunes 9. It works pretty much exactly as you'd expect, although we were able to make it do some minorly wonky things -- and we're psyched about the AutoFill-esque music sync feature that fills any remaining space on your phone with music.

We're also pumped about the new Home Sharing feature in iTunes 9, which lets you transfer content between five different machines directly without screwing around with network shares or USB drives. We've seriously been waiting for a feature like this since iTunes sharing was first launched -- it also works exactly like you'd expect, and we think it'll make managing media across multiple machines much, much easier.


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